Thứ Bảy, 5 tháng 10, 2013

Full free movie on Android

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This app is not owner and store any movies. App is developed by private developer and helped android user reduce their time to search and play video on Android phone. App have 4000+ Movie in Italian, 1200+ movies in French,... It just replace the way user search from the web. All video are searched by the computer. Question: 1. Why do I develop this app? I love movie and I spent a lot of time to find out on the internet. I have phone and sometime I want to watch on my phone. I think it also help you to easy enjoy movies in your free time 2. Will app update more functional? Yes. I am thinking about new feature and functions. I am really happy if I get more idea from you. 3. Why does app have many links can't play? Moves and images is automated collect by computer program. Maybe some videos are incorrect video or not working. I am really happy to help remove the movies by report functional This is free app and include some advertisement.

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