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Middle East TV for Android

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This is one of the best application to watch live TV Middle East countries

1. Traditional definition of the Middle East
- Egypt
- Iran
- Iraq
- Bahrain
- Cyprus
- Jordan
- Kurdish
- Kuwait
- Lebanon
- Oman
- Palestinian Territories
- Qatar
- Saudi Arabia
- Syria
- Turkey
- Yemen
- Middle East News

2. Greater Middle East (in Africa)
- Algeria
- Djibouti
- Egypt
- Libya
- Morocco
- Tunisia
- Sudan

3. Greater Middle East (in Europe)
- Armenia
- Azerbaijan
- Cyprus
- Georgia
- Turkey

4. Greater Middle East (in Asia)
- Afghanistan
- Pakistan
- Kazakhstan
- Uzbekistan

The main features:
* Completely free, No need to uses extra devices, extra utilities.
* Just use your Android mobile device (phone,tablet, etc.) .
* Easy to use. Just click and watch.
* Multiple countries available.
** Note
This application uses internet connection. Wifi/3g/4g are supported connection protocols. Wifi is more economic and more robust internet connection,so we recommend to use wi-fi. The application uses an extra codec. You can also download this codec for free. The download links are described in the application.
This is a safe application. Just internet connection permission is enough. TV channels are selected between available, popular national channels and international channel.If you want to see some extra channels please send us email.

If you are owner of a TV channel:
*You may ask to remove your channel such as sending email to
*You can request to add your TV_channel.
We also have some tips for you: if there is a problem with the application or the channel, giving a star instead of mailing does not solve the problem.

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