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Marketing Without Advertising: Inspire Customers to Rave About Your Business to Create Lasting Success

Title : Marketing without Advertising
Author : Michael Phillips and Salli Rasberry
Publisher : NOLO
ISBN : 0873397306
Edition : 2003
Format : chm
Size : 13.5 Mb
Page : 240 pages

Page I.1


By the publisher

Take a look around your community and make a list of truly superior small businessesones you trust so thoroughly you would recommend them to your friends, your boss and even your in-laws. Whether your mind turns to restaurants, plumbers, plant nurseries or veterinarians, chances are good your list is fairly short.

Now think about all the ads for local businesses that fill your newspaper, clutter your doorstep, spew out of your radio, cover the back of your grocery receipts or reach you in dozens of other ways. How many of these businesses are on your list? More than likely, not many. In fact, I'll bet the most heavily advertised local businesses are among the businesses you never plan to patronizeor patronize againno matter how many 50%-off specials you are offered.

If, like me, you have learned the hard way that many businesses that loudly trumpet their virtues are barely average, how do you find a top-quality business when you need something? Almost surely, whether you need a roof for your house, an accountant for your business, a math tutor for your child or a restaurant for a Saturday night out, you ask for a recommendation from someone you consider knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Once you grasp the simple fact that what counts is not what a business says about itself, but rather what others say about it, you should quickly understand and embrace the message of this brilliant book. Simply put: The best way to succeed in business is to run such a wonderful operation that your loyal and satisfied customers will brag about your goods and services far and wide. Instead of spending a small fortune on advertising, it's far better to spend the same money improving your business and caring for customers.

It's the honest power of this honest message that made me excited to publish Marketing Without Advertising ten years ago. Uniquely among small business writers, Phillips and Rasberry were saying the same things I had learned as a co-founder of Nolo Pressthat the key to operating a profitable business is to respect what you do and how you do it. This means not only producing top-quality services and products, but demonstrating your respect for your co-workers and customers.

After many years of success, it's a double pleasure for Nolo to publish this new edition of Marketing Without Advertising. Yes, lots of things about small business marketing have changed in the interim. To mention just a few, today many of us routinely use fax machines and e-mail to keep close to our customers, and some of us have learned to use

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Motivate to Win

Title: Motivate to Win
Author: Richard Denny
Quality: High
Format: PDF
Size: 869 kb
Page: 185

The Institute for Employment Studies has claimed that the
word ‘motivation’ is among the six most-used words in
company documents. It goes on to say that just because it is
used, it doesn’t mean to say that it is understood.

Beginning Bodybuilding

Title: Beginning Bodybuidling
Author(s): John Little
Publisher: Mc Graw Hill
Date: August 2007
Pages: 209
Size: 8.08Mb
Format: PDF
Quality: Excellent
Language: American English

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Bodybuidling Anaotmy

Title: Bodybuidling Anaotmy
Author(s): Nick Evans
Date: August 2007
Pages: 236
Size: 53.2 Mb
Format: PDF
Quality: Excellent
Language: American English

Preface: Walk into any gym these days and it's like Disneyland for bodybuilders. You'll discover
endless rows of exercise machines and free weights for every musde in your body.
Your challenge is to navigate through the maze of machines and weights, select the exer-
cises you need, and pump your way across the gym to the finish line. Upside: The winner
walks away with a custom-built body. Downside: No instructions, no dues, no map, and
no rules. But with no guidance, surely you're doomed to drculate around the gym, stuck
in a holding pattern. Then one lucky day, in a moment of darity, you realize a piece of the
puzzle is missing. ..

How to think like Einstein

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Set your voice free

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100 ways to motivate for yourself

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