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Bodybuidling Anaotmy

Title: Bodybuidling Anaotmy
Author(s): Nick Evans
Date: August 2007
Pages: 236
Size: 53.2 Mb
Format: PDF
Quality: Excellent
Language: American English

Preface: Walk into any gym these days and it's like Disneyland for bodybuilders. You'll discover
endless rows of exercise machines and free weights for every musde in your body.
Your challenge is to navigate through the maze of machines and weights, select the exer-
cises you need, and pump your way across the gym to the finish line. Upside: The winner
walks away with a custom-built body. Downside: No instructions, no dues, no map, and
no rules. But with no guidance, surely you're doomed to drculate around the gym, stuck
in a holding pattern. Then one lucky day, in a moment of darity, you realize a piece of the
puzzle is missing. ..

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